Because of the generosity of our Brothers and Sisters at I.U.E.C. Local Union No. 1, through payment of our Death Benefit Assessment, the following deceased members have had death benefits paid to their beneficiaries:

Brother Basilio Casal
Brother Al Moran
Brother Mark Brady
Brother William Corring
Brother Richard Czerwinski
Brother Lawrence Hosmer
Brother Norman Warwick
Brother Jeffrey Hayes
Brother Charles Costello
Brother William Smith
Brother Allen Arnold
Brother Herbert Tomitz
Brother Charles McKinley
Brother Thomas O’Brien
Brother Barry Leonard
Brother Jimmy Macias
Brother David Johnson
Brother Christopher Fusilli
Brother Robert Payne
Brother William Costello
Brother Daniel McQuillen
Brother Edward Walsh
Brother William Linton
Brother Christopher Berge
Brother Leszek Kwasnik
Brother Keith Kelly
Brother John Logue
Brother Bernie Robinson
Brother Michael Oates
Brother Raymond Hellesen
Brother Richard Vitale
Brother John Meadus
Brother Robert Klaum
Brother John Bauerlein
Brother Karl Scheuing
Brother Cafer Kirimca
Brother Joseph Sheehen
Brother Michael Nolan
Brother Mark Brand
Brother William Scudieri
Brother James Molloy
Brother John Mitchell
Brother Joseph McKenna
Brother Kevin Kilduff
Brother Conrad Schlick
Brother Nicholas Picurro
Brother Thimothy Faranda
Brother James McMohon