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Medical Authorization form - to disclose protected health information to someone other than yourself.

Medical Claim form - If the doctor accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, they should submit their bill to their local Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider. All claims sent to N.E.I. will only be covered for 75%.

Dental form

Vision Claim form

Enrollment and Information Changes form - For adding dependents and changing beneficiary information.

Emergency Relief form - For members injured on the job. A Workers Compensation Case number is needed to process this form.

Health and Pension Information

Local One Scholarship

New York Building Industry Scholarship

New York State AFL-CIO Scholarship

E.M.A.N.Y. contract 2005 - 2008

Thyssen contract 2005 - 2008

Local Constitution

International Constitution

Form for Filing Charges

401-K enrollment

Tradesmen Application

New Jersey Voter Registration